COVID 19 Vaccine News/ Resources

Week 1 distribution final list:

Statement from Texas DSHS on different distribution levels:

Freestanding ER’s/urgent care are currently in Tier 1B. TCEP has signed on to a letter requesting they be added to Tier 1A.

Medical Students: Texas does not specifically list medical students as part of the groups in the initial vaccine distribution phases, however, here is some information:

  • From TMA: If medical students are currently physically/actively in hospitals, then they would be classified within Tier 1. If they are seeing patients in non-hospital facilities, then they would be Tier 2. If they are studying remotely, virtually, not in a setting where their role as a student puts them at risk of contracting COVID-19 from patients, then we can assume (as this priority group has yet to be defined) they would be lumped in with students in the education part of the Priority 1B "Essential Workers" group.
  • Answer from Dr. Schneider/ ACEP: We have not heard about medical students per se. If they are not seeing patients, there is probably no reason for them to be vaccinated in the first phase. Hospitals and medical schools will most likely determine when and who gets vaccinated.

Additional Information from NASHP: View the National Academy for State Health Policy States Plan for Vaccinating their Populations against COVID-19 has a breakdown of each state's phased plan. Scroll to the grid State Priorities for Distribution as of October 2020. Click on the tabs at the top for the different groups. College/University Students/Staff is on the Congregate Facilities tab.

New ACEP resource: What EM Physicians Need to Know About the COVID Vaccine
ACEP issued a statement about priority access to the COVID-19 vaccine for ALL emergency physicians.