TCEP Committees

Committees are the heart of any association and where most of the work is done for an association.  Policies, legislative direction, planning of educational meetings and direction of TCEP all occur by volunteer committee members.

TCEP Committees

2020-21 TCEP Committee Chairs

Co-Chair: Jessica Best, MD
Co-Chair: Sara Andrabi, MD

Chair & Treasurer: Rick Robinson, MD, FACEP

Co-Chair: Jeff Jarvis, MD, FACEP
Co-Chair: Taylor Ratcliff, MD, FACEP

Chair: Dan Peckenpaugh, MD, FACEP

Government Relations
Chair: Theresa Tran, MD, MBA, FACEP
Vice-Chair: Michael Rozum, MD
Vice-Chair: Chaethana Yalamanchili, MD

Medical Student
Chair: Jomari Guerrero (UTHSA)
Vice-Chair: Lauren Bayliss (UTRGV)
Board Liaison, Honorary Member: Kayla Nussbaum 

Carl Piel, DO, FACEP
Angela Siler Fisher, MD, FACEP
Board Liaison: Marcus Sims, DO, FACEP

Co-Chair: Katie Dowdell, MD
Co-Chair: Eddie Kuo, MD 

Virtual Education
Co-Chair: Sara Andrabi, MD
Co-Chair: Jessica Best, MD
Robert Barnes, MD, FACEP
Spencer Greene, MD, FACEP
Shane Jennings, MD, FACEP
Todd Stewart, MD, FACEP
Scott Wieters, MD, FACEP
Board Liaison: Jessica Best, MD

Camila Calderon
Whitney Faulconer, DO
Jason Lesnick
Carl Piel, DO, FACEP
Board Liaison: Chi-Tam Nguyen


2020-21 TCEP Task Forces

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Co-Chair: Andrea Green, MD, FACEP
Co-Chair: Saba Rizvi, MD
Hazel Cebrun Archie, MD, FACEP
Summer Chavez, DO
Erica Goldstein, MD

Rural Emergency Health Outreach (pilot)
Jon T. Beezley, DO, FACEP
Anisha Turner, MD
Richard Wiltse, MD
K. Tom Xu, MD
Board Liaison: Bryan Dunn, MD, FACEP

Chair: Steve Field, DO, FACEP
Hazel Cebrun Archie, MD, FACEP
John Herrick, DO, FACEP
Larrite Reed, MD
Saba Rizvi, MD
Natasha Singh, MD
Board Liaison: Justin Fairless, DO, FAEMS, FACEP

2020-2021 Committees

There are numerous issues and challenges in the upcoming year that need your involvement. The best way to become involved is by signing up for one of the following committees.


Coordinate schedule and speakers for annual conference program. *Due to COVID, Connect 2021 is currently being planned as a virtual conference. More details will be released soon.*


Monitor and advise the Board of Directors on EMS issues. Provide a path of participation and exchange of information with the EMS Medical Director's community. Organize and sponsor the annual EMS Medical Director's Seminar.


Monitor and interact with the various branches of state government. Monitor and advise the Board of Directors on regulatory and legislative issues. Develop and maintain the Key Contact system.


Provide for the members continuing medical education needs. Review and advise the Board of Directors on joint sponsor education requests. Organize and provide the academic content for the TCEP Connect. Develop and maintain the TCEP Website to include CME offerings as a member benefit.


Develop and organize medical student programming at the Annual Meeting Facilitate interaction of medical students with local and state leaders in EM: Medical Student Leadership's Annual Meeting. Manage Texas away elective database. Promote collaboration between emergency medicine interest groups. Promote collaboration between emergency medicine interest groups across the state. Submit monthly medical student update to Emphasis.


Schedule chapter visits to all the residencies in Texas to encourage membership and participation. Provide liaisons to the Texas Medical Association (including arranging TCEP speakers at TMA functions). Develop a speaker's bureau and power point presentations appropriate to advocate TCEP's viewpoint with other professional organizations and the public at large.


Develop, organize, and execute Resident programming at the Annual Meeting. Facilitate planning of Residency Visits in conjunction with TCEP Board of Directors and Membership Committee. Facilitate interaction of Residents with local and state leaders in EM to foster mentorship and networking. Facilitate collaboration among residents across the state and foster a sense of resident community.Submit monthly Resident specific updates to Emphasis.

Committee FAQ

1. How and when can I join a TCEP Committee?

Click on Register for a Committee and complete the Committee Form or look for Committee Interest Form in the Annual Meeting Program Materials.  The best time to volunteer for a TCEP Committee is during the TCEP Annual Meeting or by May 31st.

2. Once on a committee, am I automatically a committee member for as long as I want without having to apply again?

It is necessary to submit a Committee Interest Form each year.

3. What if the committee does not work on the issues that I feel are the most important?

Committees will make every effort to consider and discuss all issues, but the majority of the Committee decides what actions to propose to the Board.

4. Is there a limit to the number of committees I can serve on?

It is recommended that a member not serve on more than three committees.

5. How can I be involved in an ACEP Committee?  How about a TMA Committee?

Click ACEP or the TMA links for more information on volunteering for a committee.