TCEP Publications

The EMphasis Newsletter

EMphasis is the official publication of the Texas College of Emergency Physicians, with the approximate circulation of 1600.

The newsletter contains the latest reports from the TCEP President, Government Relations Committee, Ultrasound sub-committee and the Resident’s perspective.

With full pictorial coverage of annual meeting and other important TCEP events, the Emphasis newsletter keeps the members informed.  Besides the latest updates on emergency medicine advertisers are allowed to promote their services.

How to Submit an Article for the EMphasis Newsletter

If you would like to contribute an article of interest to be included in the EMphasis newsletter, please Email [email protected].

If your article includes pictures and/or additional support content which cannot be sent via Email, please send your article and support content to:
TCEP | 401 W. 15th Street, Suite 695 | Austin, TX 78701

Advertising in the EMphasis Newsletter

Click Here to view advertising opportunities for the EMphasis Newsletter.

Special advertising discount available for a 3 or 6 issue rate.