Benefits of TCEP/ACEP Membership

Our members, Texas' emergency physicians, are vital to the communities in which they serve. These doctors are on the front lines daily and face a never-ending list of possible patient cases. They know how to treat spur-of-the-moment issues, and are forced to make life saving decisions each and every day.

The hard work they dedicate to the medical profession is invaluable. While this work is rewarding, it can also be stressful. After a long shift, how does one have the energy to research legislation that affects their field of medicine? During a pandemic and uncertain times, where can these doctors find the resources they need for physician wellness? 

That's where the Texas College of Emergency Physicians (TCEP) comes in. We are here to do the background work and conduct the research ensure essential information is quickly and readily available to our members, while they are busy working on the front lines.

Additionally, when you join the 2300+ emergency professionals who belong to TCEP, you instantly become a member of the national American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). ACEP has a broad reach and access to vast resources. For example, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ACEP partnered with various large companies to provide a variety of benefits for our members including: free hotel stays, free RV rentals, childcare services, pet care services, free meals, supplies, and much more. 

Along with all the benefits from ACEP, here are several things that TCEP offers to you on a state-level:

  • Connections.  Developing relationships with your peers is not only useful when you're working. It can also reap benefits in well-being and professional growth.  With over 2300 members, TCEP can introduce you to people in your local area.
  • Information.  From resources about COVID-19 to legislation and member updates, the TCEP website, bi-monthly TCEP EMphasis e-newsletter, and the ACEP EngagED portal communication will keep you informed.
  • Education.  Each year, an annual conference in Texas provides cutting edge research, hands-on education, CME, networking, legislative information, and more.  While this pandemic may change how we provide that information, we are here to help with needed CME and additional tools. We've also begun offering a variety of virtual webinars to our members during this time.
  • Advocacy.  TCEP's Government Affairs Committee works closely with our lobbyists at Imperium Public Affairs to stay up to date on legislation related to emergency medicine.  TCEP also hosts a Legislative Day at the Capitol during each session so our members have the opportunity to meet with legislators and discuss various industry issues.
  • Public Relations.  TCEP is engaged in a new advocacy campaign to raise awareness statewide about the critical services provided by our members.  Our most recent campaign has been so important because we place such a priority on protecting your jobs and ensuring volumes in your facilities remain steady. This type of advocacy work, which is aimed at protecting patients and the professional interests of our members, is one of the most important benefits of membership – and one of the most important responsibilities we undertake as an organization.
  • Committees/Leadership.  TCEP has various committees on which members can serve, to meet all areas of interest – communication, membership, advocacy, EMS, and even our TCEP Leadership and Advocacy Fellowship Program.  This is a great way to work closely with other members, and to grow leadership skills.

Are you a current TCEP/ACEP member interested in getting more involved?

Are you an ABEM-Certified Emergency Physician in Texas, interested in becoming a member of TCEP/ACEP? 

TCEP has a dedicated staff located in Austin.  In fact, the TCEP office is housed in the Texas Medical Association building (6th floor) in downtown Austin.  Beth Brooks, CAE and Annette Mitrosz run all operations for TCEP, working alongside the Board of Directors.  You may contact the office at (512) 306-0607, or by email:
Beth Brooks: [email protected]
Annette Mitrosz: [email protected] 

Join TCEP/ACEP Today! 

More reasons to join TCEP/ACEP:

N95 masks for members!

TCEP staff has been distributing N95 masks to members throughout the state who are in need of them, as a member benefit!

Membership means having a voice. 

Who will speak for patients, emergency physicians and our specialty? We will - together. Let’s fight back to protect our patients from surprise bills.

Nothing replaces the knowledge, skill, and experience that comes from emergency medicine training for physicians, and we are resolute on this point. ACEP stands behind our members as the leader of the emergency team, supervising NPs and PAs.

Membership means support.

Practice in a small group and need resources to help you succeed? We can help.

Still fighting hospital administration on eating and drinking on a shift? We prepared materials to help you win this outdated argument.

You take care of patients 24-7-365. Are you taking care of yourself? Members receive 3 free counseling or wellness coaching sessions.

Membership means community.

You should feel safe at work --  that is why we are tackling the issue with the No Silence on ED violence campaign.

Want to connect with people who share your interests? Sections of membership allow you to do just that – exchange ideas and best practices through our engagED platform.

Time to recertify? Members get special pricing for education and tools that can help you prep and stay current.

What do you need to be your best in 2020? We want to help you achieve your goals. It will allow you to expand your network, gain access to member-only benefits and invest in yourself and your career. It’s worth the investment.

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TCEP PR Messaging

DYK: One of the most important benefits of membership with #TexACEP is our advocacy effort, which is aimed at protecting patients and physicians. We're an active force in Austin, sharing stories and recommendations from the front lines with policymakers.

We are proud to serve as a champion for the emergency medicine profession and are actively working with state lawmakers on important issues that affect emergency care.
Our team maintains a significant presence during legislative sessions, and will continue to do so virtually during the #COVID19 pandemic.


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