TCEP Kicks off Hard Hats for Little Heads Program

"There is nothing more important than the health of our children, and TMA/TCEP's partnership to provide bike helmets to children to encourage safe and healthy recreation during this difficult time aligns with our mission for healthy Texans!"
- A.J. Kirk, MD, FACEP

On November 20th, 315 bike helmets were given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders at Waverly Park Elementary School in Ft. Worth, just before Thanksgiving break.

The school was originally chosen to kick off the safety helmet program sponsored by TCEP and TMA with an event planned in April 2020, in conjunction with TCEP’s annual CONNECT meeting. Of course, those plans were all cancelled due to COVID-19.

After months of online schooling and concern with COVID transmission, TCEP leadership and the school's Principal, Roberto Baeta, agreed that that “the show would go on,” albeit virtually.

Three TCEP members coordinated the Nov. 20th event with the school principal Mr. Roberto Baeta. Dr. A.J. Kirk, Dr. Mackenzie Brown and Dr. Hemant Vankawala (all in the Ft. Worth area) worked through the details for a virtual, hands-off distribution of the helmets.

"Many thanks to Principal Baeta and the staff at Waverly Park Elementary school for the opportunity to teach the students that wearing helmets, every time you are riding on wheels, can save your life. As always, it was a pleasure to work with TCEP to prompt community health and safety."
- Hemant Vankawala, MD, FACEP, FAEMS

A zoom video was created introducing the physicians to the students. Then the physicians were on hand to assist segmenting the helmets into sizes as teachers handed them to socially distanced students. Information on how to wear the helmets was provided in both English and Spanish.

"I loved being able to be part of this event, and to help the community that has welcomed me with open arms. Thank you again for TCEP, for Dr. Baeta, and for Waverly Park Elementary for giving us the opportunity to bring some good to the kiddos."
- Mackenzie Brown, MD

The helmet giveaway is part of TMA’s Hard Hats for Little Heads bike helmet program. TCEP donated $2500 in funds to purchase 636 helmets and Dr. Hemant Vankawala, TCEP President 2019-2020, matched the contribution for a total contribution of $5,000. From our initial purchase of 1272 helmets, 315 were given to the students at Waverly Park. We still have helmets to supply to TCEP members. Working with the TMA Foundation, we can ship helmets to you, and give you promotional materials

Interested in a community/school helmet event? If you would like to coordinate a helmet giveaway in your community before Dec. 21, TCEP can provide helmets for you. Please contact Beth Brooks at [email protected]. TMA has announced that they are putting the program on hiatus for the first half of 2021, so helmets may not be available until spring 2021.