Message from the President

Greetings, my name is Hemant Vankawala and I have the privilege and honor of serving as TCEP’s president. 

TCEP’s goals, as mapped out by its Board of Directors in TCEP’s current strategic plan, is lovingly referred to as TCEP 2.0 and has as its goals: improved communication, organization and infrastructure for the college. 

I wanted to share, on behalf of your Board of Directors, a current update. 

First and foremost, we are delighted to have Beth Brooks, CAE as our new executive director and Annette Mitrosz as our new operations manager. Beth brings years of experience in professional society leadership, in fact she wrote the book on it! 

Second, TCEP is happy to have a new home on the steps of the State Capital in Austin. We are housed inside the Texas Medical Association’s building on W 15th in Austin. As one of the state’s best organized and vocal medical specialties, we now sit front and center in our states house of medicine making it easier to be heard and impossible to be ignored. 

Third, the newly created Policy and Procedures (not sure what its actually called) Committee is doing a complete review and proposing changes to overhaul of all of TCEP’s policies and procedures to make sure that they reflect current best practices as well as full compliance with existing rules and laws. 

Fourth, TCEP is excited to announce the launch of an overhauled website, ( to allow for improved member communication as well as mobile access. Your new go to source for information about upcoming events, breaking news, and TCEP events, will have content for everyone from line docs to residents to students to the general public. 

Looking forward to meeting you all in Austin on March 22-24 for Connect ‘19 as well as TCEP’s own Connect Monday when we will visit our state legislators on Capitol Hill in Austin March 25. 

Onwards and upwards,

Hemant Vankawala, MD FACEP