Association Matters

October 2019

We hope that you notice and like this edition of the updated EMphasis e-newsletter. This is one of the projects we have been working on here at TCEP. Here is a recap of the recent TCEP Board of Directors meeting which was held in Houston on Oct 12 and 13th at the TMC Innovation Center.

TCEP Membership Growth:

2018 Sept 30 Membership - 2202
2019 Sept 30 Membership – 2256


TCEP’s financial status is strong. Net income YTD for the current fiscal year (ending August 2019) was $76,372, which is $21,728 favorable to a budgeted net income of $54,654

Connect 2020 Notes:

Do you have April 3 and 4th on your calendar? Plan to be in Ft. Worth, at the Worthington Renaissance Hotel for some great education, research and networking.

Friday, April 3 – Physicians and Residents Programming

Saturday, April 4 – Physicians and Students Programming

Business meeting wil be Saturday 11:30 – noon

TCEP website

The TCEP website has been updated! If you haven’t looked at in a while, take a minute:

More information is to be added and several committees are working on different pages.


TCEP is a chapter of the International Trauma Life Support Association. In Texas, we have 8 regional coordinators and about 25 instructors in Texas. These programs offer training for EMS personnel, and nurses. We plan on promoting these programs and training sessions more in the future.

Strategic Initiatives:

• PR campaign – The need to identify and promote the value of TCEP has been identified and funds have been budgeted to use the services of a PR firm to assist with the development of this and messaging. A task force will be identifying PR firms and finalists’ presentations will be made in January.

• Connect Evaluation – A task force has been created to evaluate the current structure and report back on ideas for the future growth of Connect.

Bylaws update

The board approved the final proposed amendments to the revised bylaws. They have initially been approved by ACEP and will be sent to the entire membership in January. The vote to approve the proposed bylaws will be held during the business meeting at Connect, in April.


The PAC site on the TCEP Website is almost completed. Members will now be able to make donations online.

This year, monthly calls with featured speakers have been held and have been well received by the Texas Fellows. They are working on articles and website resources.

EMS Conference
Will be held in Ft Worth, November 25, 26, 2019

Medical Students
Monthly conference calls with speakers (application advice, medical scenarios, pain mgmt., advocacy, etc.) are being held with all the representatives. Working on TCEP website content. They requested grant money and the board approved $1,000 for Texas Two Step funding.

If you have questions or if we can be of assistance, please contact us 512 306 0605. Beth Brooks ([email protected]) and Annette Mitrosz ([email protected])