President's Message

December 2022

Sterling Overstreet, MD, FACEP
TCEP President

We are now four weeks away from the 88th Legislative session commencing in Austin. There has been significant work underway by TCEP in preparation for the January 10th session start to ensure our patients and our practice will be well represented. TCEP held the inaugural meeting of our Legislative Advocacy Council in Austin on November 3rd. This meeting was well attended and provided a venue for open discussion of legislative issues as well as creating messaging and strategy with our lobby firm, Imperium.  Legislative priorities from this meeting were then presented to the Board of Directors where they were adopted. Additionally, EMPACT (our political action committee) continues its work to strengthen relationships with legislators across the state and I want to thank those that have contributed.

Recently, we learned of an Emergency Medicine focused lawsuit that has worked its way through the courts that challenges the willful and wanton standard in Texas and will be heading to the Texas Supreme Court. TCEP has retained counsel to write an amicus brief and have invited other medical groups to join us as signatories. We are, and must continue to be, resolute in our efforts to defend this standard.

I hope you can take some time this holiday season and spend it with loved ones and recharge and reconnect. The members of this organization have risen to the occasion so many times over the last couple of years always putting the needs of others ahead of their own. As always thank you for being a TCEP member and thank you for the care you provide our fellow Texans.