Heidi Knowles, MD, FACEP

Welcome to another Emphasis update! As I write my first contribution to the TCEP newsletter, I feel awed by the great honor that has been placed on me to be your representative – for this I am thankful and will do my best to represent you well. Additionally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank...

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Government Relations Committee


Diana Fite, MD, FACEP
Chair, Government
Relations Committee

Hopefully all TCEP members reading our newsletter will have enough interest to keep on reading through this report as well. There is so much information I would like to convey right now, but will shorten my report as best I can! Our committee last met at the annual meeting on March 31. A reminder of our TCEP legislative priorities this session...

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Cedric Dark, Shehni Nadeem and Alison Haddock meeting with Rep Ted Poe, who signed on to co-sponsor ACEP's EMTALA liability reform bill as a result of the meeting.

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Incoming Executive Director Ken King


Ken King has been selected to become the incoming Executive Director of TCEP, and will begin in his new position on May 29, 2017...

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Go Army
Michael Wainscott Legacy Award


Dr Lynn Roppolo

At the Annual Meeting, Dr Lynn Roppolo presented Dr Thiago Halmer with the Wainscott award. She gave a wonderful remembrance of Dr Wainscott, which is a must read for all of us. It will help you to recall why you do Emergency Medicine...

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Risk management is a core value of TMLT. Why? Because our data shows a correlation between TMLT risk management activities and reduced claims. One study found a 14% reduction in claims for those completing TMLT CME courses.

TMLT offers CME seminars, online courses, publications, and customized workshops. Learn more at or call 800-580-8658.

TMLT - protection for a new era of medicine.

Elections of Officers were held at the TCEP Board meeting as part of the annual meeting. The elected officers were:

New TCEP President:
Heidi Knowles, MD FACEP

New TCEP President Elect:
Gerad Troutman, MD, FACEP

New TCEP Treasurer:
Hemant Vanawala, MD, FACEP

New TCEP Secretary:
Robert Hancock, DO, FACEP

At the Annual Meeting, elections were held for the Board of Directors. Elected were:

Medical Student representative:
Tony Balda

Candidate Member of the Board:
Freddie Flo, MD

Young Physician Member of the Board:
Sterling Overstreet, MD

Re-elected Board members:

Gerad Troutman, MD FACEP

Newly Elected Board Members

A.J. Kirk, MD, FACEP

Craig Meek, MD FACEP


Photos from TCEP Connect 17


TCEP Councilors and Alternates for National ACEP Council Meeting

Each year TCEP elects Councilors and Alternates to represent us at the national ACEP Council Meeting. This years members of our delegation will be...

Texas College of Emergency Physicians Leadership and Advocacy Fellowship Program

The TCEP Leadership and Advocacy Fellowship was developed to groom future emergency physician leaders. The fellowship combines elements of mentoring, organizational education and advocacy skills training in addition to guided experiences to selected fellows.

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EMIG Spotlight: Texas A&M College of Medicine


by Jad Dandashi, MS-3

With TCEP Connect 2017 behind us, we here at Texas A&M College of Medicine have a great deal to reflect on. Our EMIG has been quite active this year, participating in the Texas Two-Step CPR event and TCEP SIMWARS. During the Texas Two-Step 2017 event, our medical school volunteers helped to train over 900 civilians in the Bryan/College Station area...

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The Beginning of SIM at UT Health San Antonio


by Alex Ryden and Corey McNeilly

Before late November of 2016, the Student Initiative in Medical Simulation (SIMS) team for the Long School of Medicine did not exist as anything more than an illusion. The idea had existed for some time previously, of course, but the story of how the team came to be perfectly illustrates the work required...

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EMIG Day: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Students' Take on Medical Simulation


By Arielle King

Without even a month of medical experience, I along with a handful of other MS1s had been thrown into a simulation where we were expected to know "medicine". The realization that I was no longer a bystander or a helpless pre-med struck me like a bolt of lightning. I was now a doctor-in-training, and people were relying on me to care for them and to make the right calls in the heat of the moment...

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Simulation at UT Houston - A Tool for Excellence


By Shane Appel, MS-4 and Joseph Ponce, MS-1

In the medical setting, our community needs leaders who communicate effectively, adapt to their surroundings, and act on what they know. Simulation allows students to practice these skills, creating better medical students and residents. With this goal in mind, our Emergency Medicine Interest Group sent our first medical student team to compete at TCEP's Sim-War competition in the spring of 2016...

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