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Bruce Moskow, MD FACEP
Five Bold Predictions for Ten Years from Now

Since it's the New Year, I'm going to go out on a limb and make five concrete EM/Healthcare predictions that will affect all of us. Actual, measurable, 'you were wrong sucka' kind of predictions. For ten years out. Feel free to find me at my retirement village in 2025 and make fun of me then. Or if you have some predictions of your own, send them in and we'll publish the best in the next EMphasis...
2015 Call for TCEP Board of Director’s Nominations/Call for Bylaw Amendments
The Texas College of Emergency Physicians depends upon its fourteen member Board of Directors for its vision and action. Eleven Regular Board Members serve staggered three year terms, plus one year terms for a Young Physician, Resident and Medical Student. There are four Regular Board positions on the 2015 ballot. Young Physician, Resident and Medical Student positions are also on the 2015 ballot. Elections will take place at the TCEP Annual Business Meeting on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas...
ACEP Council Meeting Report 2014
Each year for the two days before Scientific Assembly (now called ACEP14) begins, the ACEP Council meets. This year we met in Chicago, Illinois, on October 25-26. There were close to 400 councilors and almost as many alternate councilors attending. Every state has one councilor as a baseline, then an additional councilor for every 100 members in that state chapter. Each section of ACEP also has one councilor, and then there are a few extra entities that have councilors, such as SAEM (Society for Academic Emergency Medicine) and EMRA (Emergency Medicine Residents' Association). There are only two state chapters with more councilors than Texas, which are California and New York...
TCEP Essentials
Emergency Medicine/Acute Care Review Course
February 25-27th 2015
Baylor College of Medicine in Houston

Emergency medicine/ urgent care is a very rewarding and challenging practice. However, the broad knowledge base can sometimes be daunting for practitioners trained in other disciplines. This course was developed for advance practice providers and physicians who were not formally trained in emergency medicine...
Calendar of Events
Texas College of Emergency Physicians
2015 Calendar
January 30-31 TMA Winter Conference Austin, TX
February 2 TCEP Board of Director’s Meeting Austin, TX
February 3 TMA First Tuesday at the Capitol Austin, TX
February 25-27 TCEP Essentials Emergency Medicine/Acute Care Review Course Austin, TX
March 3 TMA First Tuesday at the Capitol Austin, TX
April 7 TMA First Tuesday at the Capitol Austin, TX
April 23-26 TCEP Annual Meeting Renaissance Hotel, Austin, TX
April 26-29 EDPMA Solutions Summit Amelia Island, FL
May 1-2 TEXMED Annual Conference Austin, TX
May 5 TMA First Tuesday at the Capitol Austin, TX
May 3-6 ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference Washington DC
May 12-15 SAEM Meeting San Diego, CA
June 6 – 10 AMA Annual Conference Chicago, IL
June 17 – 18 Free Standing Emergency Departments Meeting Dallas, TX
October 26-29 ACEP Scientific Assembly Boston, MA
Government Relations Committee

Diana Fite, MD, FACEP
Chair, Government
Relations Committee
Let's start out with some facts to keep in mind. Facts always help us keep things in perspective! The Texas population is 26,500,000. There are 150 Texas House members and 31 Texas Senators. (There are 36 U.S. Congress members from Texas, with, of course, two senators.) The Texas legislature meets for 140 days in each odd-numbered year, and the session for 2015 begins on January 13 and ends on June 1...
Practice Enhancement Committee

Zachary Goldman, MD
Ultrasound is a common procedure used every day in the Emergency Department and falls into the category of separately billable procedures. We will take a look at the requirements for documentation and the various avenues that are applicable...
What's Happening Out Where the West Begins?
Tony Balda TCOM '18
Teresa Uczekaj TCOM '18
Faroukh Mehkri TCOM '18
Justin Kennedy PA-S
UNTHSC EMIG hosted a Suture Clinic in September sponsored by Ethicon for 100 of our members! This was one of our largest clinics ever, and we are so thankful to Ethicon for providing the materials to give our members a great experience! Members learned basic suture skills, including interrupted and continuous techniques, along with...
TTUHSC SOM Emergency Medicine Club Update
Guo Yu, Amber Parsoneault, Margaret O'Neal, Sayyeda Tooba Hasan
For 2014-15, the TTUHSC SOM Emergency Medicine Club has 72 paying members and over 100 members on the email list. We are an active club that brings speakers, conducts workshops, and has a variety of programs designed to enhance student learning. The officers for this year are...
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