Medical Student Committee

August 2020

Jomari Guerrero

Highlighting Upcoming Medical Student Virtual Sessions During COVID-19

COVID-19 has made a tremendous impact on our day to day lives. In medical education, these unprecedented times call for new and innovative ways to provide students with the same opportunities they would have otherwise. This is especially important for the class of 2021. After three long and rewarding years consisting of late-night studying, board exams, and clinical rotations, they are now tasked with navigating ERAS and applying to residency. With no away rotations, virtual interviews, and cancellations of in person networking conferences, this class finds themselves with heightened questions and concerns. The TCEP medical student committee has heard your questions and concerns. For this reason, we are implementing a series of events throughout the summer and fall to tackle some of the unknowns of this cycle together.

One platform we are excited about is the “Meet the Program” series. This series aims to highlight programs throughout Texas on a weekly basis from now until November. These sessions are formatted so students have an opportunity to learn about and ask questions on virtual zoom sessions with faculty and resident representatives. Do you have a question about a specific fellowship that is offered? Do you want to get a feel of the culture of the program? Are you curious about what type of student would thrive at that program? All of these questions and more are encouraged at these virtual meets. Below are our upcoming sessions as well as the google form to fill out with information on how to join. Our full September calendar will be coming up soon!

BCM – August 3rd 7PM CT (finished, will post recording for interested students)

A&M Temple – August 12th 4PM CT

UTSW – August 19th 7PM CT

JPS – September 2nd 8PM CT


Our next upcoming project is the TCEP Medical Student Committee Colloquium. The MSC has recognized that with the cancellation of the in-person TCEP Medical Student Day back in April, a lot of valuable information has been lost for students. We are hoping to fill in this gap by providing a three-day virtual conference with several different high yield topics. These sessions include information for anyone, even preclinical students interested in EM. At the end of the colloquium, we will be featuring a program director panel with nine different PDs. Breakout sessions with residents will take place afterwards. Blake Pruitt, the TCEP MSC Project Coordinator, is helping spearhead this project and says, “The TCEP MSC Colloquium was created to help students across the state navigate the uncharted waters of the pandemic and the drastic changes to the format of our education.  I couldn't be more excited to partner with physicians and medical students across Texas to re-engage and come together as an EM community to continue to connect, network, and learn from our home!” Please see information below for the conference schedule for August 27th through 29th and how to register.