Why I wanted to serve as the Young Physician representative on the TCEP Board

By Marcus Sims, II, MD
TCEP Young Physician Member

I am honored to serve as the Young Physician representative to the TCEP Board of Directors. In addition to the work of the TCEP Board of Directors I will focus my efforts on three areas of critical importance to our organization and shared profession which are membership, leadership development, and advocacy.

I will ensure that the voice of young emergency physicians is heard loud and clear on all issues impacting our practice. I am committed to the communication of important information to our members and seeking feedback about specific concerns and suggestions for improvement. I will make myself available to anyone anytime so that I may speak on behalf of young physicians with a unified voice to protect the safety net ensuring patient access, scope of practice, and fair reimbursement for the life saving services we provide to our patients. Ultimately, this will ensure the care of our patients and will strengthen our specialty.

In addition to membership recruitment and retention, I will work to engage young physicians and residents to actively advocate for our emergency patients. I feel strongly that our annual Texas residency visits and TCEP Leadership and Advocacy Fellowship programs provide great opportunities to support involvement and leadership development. Supported young leaders will be able to strengthen relationships within organized medicine and the public arena to demonstrate Emergency Medicine is a critical component of health care delivery and must be supported.

Please feel free to contact me via cell phone (979) 308-9739 or email [email protected] Thanks for your support and confidence!